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Building Materials

Building materials are listed as a separate category, as they must be considered differently from cosmetics, detergents or cleaning agents. What matters here is the way the products are processed, because allergies can of course already be triggered in the professionals working with the products. Safety data sheets and appropriate protective equipment are therefore important in this context.

However, the ECARF Seal is primarily directed at users. In concrete terms, this means, for example, that adhesive can emit allergens during processing, but this no longer occurs after a certain evaporation time (for example 48 hours). Thereafter, the adhesive can be regarded as allergy-friendly. However, it must be clearly stated that entering the site is only recommended after a certain period of time has elapsed, as the adhesive used only ceases to be problematic once it has evaporated. Building materials must be tested individually, based on where and how long the material will be used before the users move in.

A special case are building materials in the broader sense such as wall paints, wallpapers or carpets that are used during renovation work, even while the occupants are living in the renovated rooms. Particularly strict requirements apply in this case.

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