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Disposable Gloves

People with sensitive skin or neurodermatitis depend on protective gloves to protect them from allergic substances or irritants. However, over time, many of these people develop allergic reactions to wearing the gloves or to certain substances in them.

Members of certain professions and occupations who are required to wear such gloves on a regular basis and for long periods of time are particularly at risk. If an allergy develops, those affected are prone to hand eczema and skin rashes in reaction to the protective gloves.

Generally, gloves should be worn as often as necessary and for as short a time as possible. If the gloves must be worn for long periods of time, it is advisable, and not just for people with allergies, to wear seamless, undyed cotton glove liners underneath.

ECARF certifies disposable gloves that do not contain certain allergenic substances (in particular latex, powder).

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