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Hair dryers

The heat stream of a hair dryer can destroy the inner cuticle of the hair and also damage the scalp. Blow-drying not only removes the moisture from the hair, but also from the scalp. The heat can dry out the scalp.

This triggers a domino effect where the water stored in the hair fibre condenses into water vapour and causes permanent damage.

This can result in a dry scalp in allergy sufferers with atopic dermatitis, with symptoms such as itching, irritation and dandruff, as well as damaged hair. Blow-drying the hair stresses the scalp, which is why a suitable hair dryer should be used in cases of sensitive and dry, neurodermitic skin.

Allergy-friendly hair dryers have various functions that allow gentle treatment of the hair and scalp. The ECARF Seal of Quality is awarded if the following criteria are met:

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