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Tumble dryers

People with allergies have special requirements when it comes to tumble dryers. They need to look at the ingredients in detergents as well as make sure that there are no residues of mites, pollen or animal hair in the clothes after washing. Furthermore, the clothes soften in the dryer, which helps to protect sensitive skin.

Both indoors and outdoors, allergens such as pollen, mites or animal hair can settle on clothing and cause discomfort to allergy sufferers. Apart from mite allergens, it is cat allergens that are the most prevalent allergens in the home.

The clothes are not actually soiled, but contaminated by allergens. Textiles cannot always be washed; frequent washing causes them to lose their shape and colour. A good alternative is to “air out” or remove allergens from a garment using a tumble dryer. Drying clothes for at least 20 minutes in a tumble dryer at 60 to 80 degrees Celsius can eliminate pollen, mite and cat allergens in textiles.

An electric tumble dryer (heat pump dryer) is able to clean clothes through air and heat in the drum without them needing to be washed first. Special hygiene programmes for allergy sufferers ensure that allergens are removed or neutralised in the tumble dryer. Additional protection can be provided by a special pollen filter (hygiene filter, hygiene air filter for tumble dryers), which is used instead of a conventional lint filter and has the effect of binding pollen allergens in the filter.

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