AirgoClean® One

ECARF-Certification valid
Certified on 28.07.2021 / Certificate number 6542

The high-performance air cleaner AirgoClean® One is a high-quality branded product “made in Germany”. Its powerful and quiet room air purification system frees interior rooms up to 78 m²/195 m³ (such as business and meeting rooms, hotel rooms and large private living rooms) with an air output of up to 600 m³/h to 99.995% of fine dust particles, pollen and animal hair with highly efficient HEPA H14 filter system according to EN 1822. A pre-filter and a silencer are also integrated. An activated carbon filter to neutralize unpleasant odors in the room air is optionally available. The AirgoClean® One has automatic power regulation through sensor-based air quality monitoring, an air quality display (VOC/PM2.5) with a 14-day review, a tamper-proof lock screen with PIN protection, an IR remote control, a timer function and a night mode.

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